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By Samsara - Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finding the right Crown is often a very painstaking task for someone like myself. I am not the type of individual that can just put anything on one of the highest points of my being. Your crown is situated at the very highest point of your skull, this point is also where heat can escape from your body. For me I have always felt a need to protect this part of myself. This is why I can not express how important it is to not only have my crown handmade but also have a personal relationship with the person that is building that crown. This is why I could never just buy a crown from anyone especially a crown mass produced overseas.

When I got the concept of this crown I decided to go to Little Five Points in Atlanta Ga and check an elder brethren by the name of Simeon. According to the Hebrew bible and 12 Tribes Doctrine the Tribe of Simeon are known to Hearken and Listen, so he is naturally going to be one of the best people to come see if you have a prior concept. Simeon has also been making leather works for as long as I have been on the planet so his experience is bar to none. Besides all of that almost every other elder that I know was also taught the trade by Simeon, so why not go to the teacher?
We began to reason on the concept and right away he get a glow it is the kind of glow an artists is familiar with, one gets when you have said something intriguing and not only do they overstand the challenge but respect the idea as it is innovative. He told me soft and clear " I got it don't worry yourself" So I begin the search for the fabrics I would like to use, I found and ostrich skin and snake skin "diamond back" and decided that I would ask him to combine the fabrics. The results was aprofessionally made Crown suited for a King with detailed trim and lacing techniques that show a wide knowledge of Mexican and his own style fused together. Expert blocking and millinery skills any millinery designer would be highly impressed with.
One thing that I have learned with many artists is you have to ask for what you want don't just look on the walls and assume that what you see is all you can get. Most of the times that artists is waiting for you to ask, just know what you want and allow the artists to price the product, remember this kind of handwork is Rare and original work that should always be compensated.
Simeon can be found in Little Five Points Atl Ga
if your not local you can always email and contact
EarthTone 1139 Euclid Avenue

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