Zulu Shield

By Samsara - Monday, November 08, 2010

Before we started Samsara we ran a business called O.N.C.E. Foundation. This was a business that we started also while at F.S.U. One Nation Called Ethiopia. The business was based on importing rare and endemic pieces from across the continent. We also sold very unique pieces and collectibles.
One such piece was a Zulu Shield, this shield was made popular by Shaka Zulu who The new shield that Zulu introduced was made of cowhide and taught each warrior to use the shields left side to hook the enemies shield to the right, exposing his ribs for a clear spear stab. Shaka then made the shield longer and heavier and had them protected my the Inyanga (spiritual doctor).
Ok your probably wondering what in the world does this have to do with Samsara and how it relates to what we are doing now. My latest inspiration came from that Zulu Shield and how better to pay homage to Shaka and the Zulu warriors by making a one of a kind Zulu Shield Earrings.
This time cow hide and mud is of the old, under Samsara the Zulu shield is made of Sterling Silver and African Fabric.

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