Going back to Cali

By Samsara - Tuesday, August 25, 2009

California, you got to go there to really appreciate this state. I went to the west coast for a few weeks and stopped in Cali for the biggest reggae show in the country Reggae Rising . This event pulled in close to 30k reggae loving people from all over the country. The energy was amazing along with the positive music and beautiful ppl.

Displaying our merchandise was not only crucial but definitely breath taking as this was our first year the response was over whelming. Some of our previous items was also seen floating around from our lovely Samsara customers of past as well as many new comers.

Here are a few photos

I would have to say that One of our greatest highlights of the weekend was linking with non other than FYAHMUMA THE QUEEN IFRICA. Here is a pic of Queen and the piece we made for her. Its crazy how the world works, C made this piece to give Ifrica when she came to Atlanta Ga earlier in the year. We was unable to link with her at that time but this piece was destined for the queen and we eventually was able to link and share one of our creations. GIVE THANKS..

Along with linking with the queen we also was able to link with a few other artist here is a great artists been following him for about 2years now so it was our pleasure to link with him.
JAH DAN BLACKAMOORE rocking the eco friendly denim hat/traditional fabric check out his myspace http://www.myspace.com/jahdan1

The show this year was in dedication to Moese Angel, The High Grade Allstars performed and mashed it up with the collaboration of so many talented individuals. I can say this was truly a nice show and trip.

Give thnx to all the ppl that enjoyed the show and love and support Samsara Boutique we will see you next year and you can find us right here singing and rocking to the sweet reggae music "LIKE THE GENERAL"!!!

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  1. yes cali is so nice.. love it there...
    That is so great. QI looks great.... bigUp.. Mad~

  2. I love Cali as well nothing like Norcal, Queen Ifrica was a blessed spirit hope to link with her again in near future.


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