Sneak Peaks II

By Samsara - Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ok fam this is another sneak peak for your eyes only. This is the Accessory Line of bags. We will release these bags very soon they are made from a mix of fabrics Bazin with leather trim, and Mud Cloth (Bogolafini) and leather trim. The collection consists of 3 designs clutch, shoulder bag, and tote. They are fully lined with premium lining a zipper pocket for phone and closes with magnet.

The collection was made to be quite diverse, with the fabrics ranging from the most eco friendly fabric on the planet too high end bazin fabrics. The one key aspect that ties the collection together is the craftsmanship and lengthy process of creating each fabric.

The meaning of Bogolafini fabric is "earth cloth", and the process takes a few weeks it is woven,shrunk, and then soaked in a preparation of leaves and fruits. The mud dye which is made of a fermented organic mud and then used by an artists to create intricate designs. In traditional respect men would do the weaving while women would do the dying.
The Bazin fabric is made from hand decorating damask fabric which is a printed high end waxed fabric. The fabric is batiked or tye dyed this skill is indigenous to many regions but the skill level in the fabrics I choose is incredibly advanced.
Hope you enjoy the sneak peak the education was free...
Samsara Fam

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  1. Hey there!! This is Bianca! I recently bought a Dead Prez t-shirt to create a dress out of. I need to pay you all via Pay Pal but I do not know your email address or your Pay Pal account info. Please send me an email with all that info at . I hope all is well on your end. Warmest regards, Bianca

  2. can say it over and over.. love these bags!

  3. Thanks Harvest Girl and our bags love you too...We will try and take a few more pics this weekend on the bags...


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