77 clash

By Samsara - Friday, July 31, 2009

What's up my peoples, this is your girl C... checking in. How are you guys? Is anyone out there? Give us some feedback we need it, to bring you a better blog and better designs.
Ok you guys it is here the 77 clash. On this the last day of the 7th month we are re-releasing two of our most popular reconstructed reggae designs. This is in celebration of our birthdays which are both in July. Only 7 pieces of each design were made for the celebration. We have put a twist on the release and turn it into a clash. Which design gets the bigga forward? Which design will shut down the other by selling off? You the buyer will determine the winner of the clash. The design that sells out first will be the winner of the clash and dubbed Samsara Boutique's reggae design of the year. The designs will be available through the blog and on samsaraboutique.esty.com.

Hand dyed bubble vs. Rasta tri color


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