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By Samsara - Saturday, July 11, 2009

July the 4th is is celebrated with day long parties cookouts and fire works. We at Samsara had the opportunity to celebrate our July 4th weekend among some the counties finest Artists. The many mediums celebrate not only the diversity of talent but the wide range of creativity. From some serious life like sculptures by Woodrow Nash, to couture hat hand-blocker Ella Issac and Suzette Art Couture, Karmasoul and Rebel Designs for their leather works to name a few, and the list goes on and on and on......... We were indeed grateful to be among such creativity and are even more excited to say that our pieces were in demand by every demographic once again.

We created a small collection of balloon dresses, maxi dresses, jumpers, cocktail dresses and halter dresses. The collection was a part of the African Street Couture collection by Samsara Boutique. As always we had our one of a kind fabrics and lace earrings, this year we released handbags. Yes my people you favorite designers are expanding their accessory line and now have 3 bags finished in many different fabrics. From Mudcloth to Bazine we Incorporated premium leather in Black and Brown and now we have a tote , shoulder bag and clutch. { for those of you that do not know Mudcloth is also known as Bogolanfini, and I would go as far as sayin this fabric is the most eco friendly and green fabric on the planet}.We showed the Handbag/Tote at Essence but yet to release the other two. If you must see what the Tote looks like look keenly in the top right corner of the picture above and wallaaa.....
Stay tuned for the official release of these bags in extremely limited quantity!!!!

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  1. I am a local Black Hair specialist. I have just opened a salon in Decatur. TruNAturals Salon would like to expand to retail african inspired jewelry and designs like yours-- paricularly yours. We met at the World Natural Hair Show in April. I purchased two of your designs and I would love to meet with you to discuss the possibility of vending your designs through your arrangement.

  2. I purchased a maxi dress at the Essence Music Festival and I just love it. It is so comfortable and I feel beautiful everytime I wear it. I can't wait for your website so I can buy more.

    Lisa from VA


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