By Samsara - Thursday, December 18, 2008

OK, I need your help. I would like to know what you, my wonderful customers, would like to see on the website. Any suggestions on layout, colors, or music. Have you seen some cool sites were i can get inspiration, only inspiration, not copy,  because only dogs bite. So let me know leave a comment, please I want to know. I would like your input because i am making this site to service your fashion needs. Hope to hear from you guys soon. PEACE.C...

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  1. the layouts on this site are mad crazy

  2. I love the 2010 collection....this is Christin from Tallahassee...I was a faithful customer....I need like 4 dresses asap!

  3. @ Amanda Yes I agree the layouts need some work. We are so busy sewing all our designs and keeping up with all the new forms of Media. Maybe you can suggest someone?

  4. Christin where have you been? Email me at


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