By Samsara - Monday, December 22, 2008

What's up my peoples it is me C..... How is everyone doing? I hope today has found you well. It is freezing outside. NYC is sooo cold right now. Every night I tell myself I am going to the city to shop for textiles and then I watch the weather and say oooh nooo it is tooo cold. But I am going to be brave tomorrow and go. How do you shop for clothing, shoes, etc.? Well, when I shop for textiles for the new season I do a lot of research. I go and see what everyone has I walk and look at all the textile shops in the garment district. Then, I go home and revise all the great fabrics I saw. Finally, I go back to the city and pick up the very best textiles for my customers. We at samsara love our customers. We sew each garment with love and care,bring you the hottest designs each season, and at the most affordable price. Well wish me luck as I battle the cold. PEACE...C...

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