By Samsara - Tuesday, December 09, 2008

We at samsara are working hard to bring you the best everyday. Today was very low key, I home schooled my eldest daughter and took a break. I guess you can call this a personal day. We were brainstorming about putting up an etsy page until the website is done. I am soooo excited about the website. It has been a long time coming, we spoke to mad people in the past but nothing came of it. But I have a real good feeling about it this time, I think it is going to happen and soon. I can't wait to have a direct link to my customers, a more personal cyberspace relationship( if there is such a thing :)) . I want to thank all the people who ever support Samsara Boutique. And I am not only talking about money, even though it is appreciated, but the people who understand us and love what we do. From the first customer, April yeah i remember you girl, we had at our boutique to you reading this blog right now. THANKS.....PEACE C...

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