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By Samsara - Sunday, December 07, 2008

What's up people this is your girl C... from Samsara Boutique welcome to our blog. For those who don't know we started this thing of ours in march 2003. We opened a boutique in North Florida June 2004while attending FSU (Go Noles). We carried our fabulous designs, hot T-shirt lines, funky accessories and the coolest sneakers. Samsara became known as " The Spot", customers would make their friends swear not to tell anyone about The Boutique. Check out some of our earlier collections.

Collection '04
Reconstructed jeans w/reconstructed vintage T-shirt, reconstructed vintage T-shirt, premium denim jeans made into micro mini w/lace, handwoven Tye dyed Indian silk scarf made into ruffled micro mini w/lace tube top, Hand screened beater w/reconstructed ruffled micro mini

Collection '05
Hand braided pleated reconstructed mini dress, off shoulder cocktail dress, hand-foiled green gold and red layer dress, reconstructed camo corset, tan legend dress, smocked tube dress w/ imported Swiss lace, key hole top.

Collection '06
Tailored ladies top w/ vertical ruching, reconstructed denim handkerchief skirt
tailored ladies top w/contrast hood and sweater bottom, v-neck w/ contrast
border and sweater bottom, smocked tube dress, wrap front belted tunic.

Collection '07
V-neck w/ kente and elastic sweater bottom, dashiki halter dress, Ethnic colored w/ stretch jersey knit, wrap dashiki belted tunic, smocked kente tube dress, smocked dashiki tube dress.

Collection '08
Sweetheart bazine pocketed bubble dress, strapless cumber
band evening dress,Halter Batik scalloped bottom evening dress
halter kente trapeze dress bossy Shrug scarf 2n1, smocked
kente trapeze dress, sweetheart dashiki summer dress,
Ayo A-line full embroidered pocketed tunic

That was a quick look at some of our earlier and more recent collections,
keep checking back for more info and subscribe and feel free t contact
us about anything. We have closed the doors of the boutique to
concentrate on bringing you the hottest dopest super fly clothing line ever
and moved to Atlanta. But not to worry cause you will soon be able
to purchase our pieces online COMING SOON!!

Drigo working hard in the lab


Since moving to Atlanta we have been doing retail shows to test market Samsara B designs around the U.S. This year we were exhibitors at the Essence Magazine Music Festival in New Orleans. We received much love from patrons at Essence and were received with open arms.

Essence Music Festival '08

You now have an exclusive look into the inner workings of this machine. You will be the first to see new designs, know when we will be in your city and have access to exclusive SBlog discounts. So what's on the drawing board today? well last night we had an intellectual cipher with a guy that goes by code name techknowlogist. OK can you keep a secret? you sure, we are planning a website finally..... Can you believe it you can get your dose of Samsara whenever you want, CRAZY. So stay tune for the continuing story of Samsara. PEACE.

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  1. I am glad you have a site now. Any update for today?

  2. Coming along now such a late response never again wil I neglect my blog..Sorry no updates on website yet will keep you posted.


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