Behind the Scenes Essence Music Festival

By Samsara - Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If you was not at EMF this year you missed a whole lot. I could go on and on about the celebs you should have seen or the crazy cars etc. I could even talk about the hot clothing items and maybe even talk about all the free stuff people would stand in lines for hours for but I won't do that. That's for lames, I would rather tell you about the great black artists that you may never see again because of corporate sponsors. Yes there is a fine line that us as artists walk and there is no room for compromising, if you would stand in line for any amount of time to get a free sample of whatever you are exactly the type of consumer corporations love to have at events. But unfortunately your not the quality consumer that artists require and in most circumstances should not share the same space when it comes to business. ;) That being said my artistic side of me had to be expressed Essence was fun and educational in every aspect. These are some of the behind the scenes pics of what Samsara did. Straight off the Racks...

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