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By Samsara - Sunday, July 10, 2011

On June 19th, 2011 Father's Day and also the Summer Solstice, Samsara released our first three prints. These limited edition printed tees was available for sale at the SNWMF and are now available online . We sourced the best fitting American Made tee shirt "American Apparel" and worked with 3 printers for the process. The response has been overwhelming and we plan to keep releasing more limited edition tees.
The first three designs to be released was the Samsara "Lion", Samsara X Ras Terms, Samsara X Marcus. Each design carried a significance to our brand as we will describe below.

Samsara Lion

This design was very sentimental to our brand because the Lion carries so many meanings throughout history. According to the 12 Tribes of Israel which carries a symbolic relation to the 12 sons of Yacob "Jacob". The month of July is called Judah and this is the month that both designers of Samsara Boutique are born in. In Judaism the lion symbolises the Lion of Judah. In Christianity the lion's significance is to represent "Yahshua",or "Jesus Christ" , or "Yesus Kristos". The lion also represents royalty, strength, symbol of courage, especially in the pursuit of justice and righteousness. In Egypt the lion symbolises the power of the sun and the power that Ra uses to protect the good and annihilate the wicked. In Buddhism the Buddha sits of a Lion's throne. When the lion comes to us, it is a sign for us to step into our natural birthright of power. Each of us is born powerful and divine. The lion reminds Samsara of this!

Samsara X Ras Terms
Terms has a very unique way of combining the modern and antique look with graffiti ideas and intergalactic symbolism.
This project we worked on together was something that has been in back of the mind for quite some time. It was truly a collaboration and we had a great time putting this together. Terms would call me and say " Bredren I got another idea and we would build and go back and forth with both of us interjecting concepts into this piece. The reasoning that we did just manifested the concept into a reality. I would like to give a special thanks to Ras Terms as this piece embodied a vision and is now a gift we give to you.

Samsara X Marcus

This project is the beginning of many more projects with Marcus and Midnite Band. Being away from the Virgin Islands for so many years this project has begun to bloom into many other projects on island and off island. The beginning process actually happened while I was home in "St. Croix" getting grounded and thus carries strong sentiments . Supplications to HIM is a great album from Midnite, this artwork was inspired during the mystical studio sessions. The word Supplication is such a strong word and action in prayer, it is found 53 times in the Old Testament and 7 times in the New. It refers to bending down and indicates a bowing or kneeling of submission within prayer. This shirt in terms of design and printing process is exactly what we had envisioned for the first release. Nuff respect to Marcus and the Midnite Family.

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  1. greetingz mi royal family i would like 2 order midnite supplication to him t-shirt xl and what is yall address and how much to send for the midnite t-shirt xl so i could send yall a money order from ur bredren jah fyah.jah bless one love.

  2. Direct email is the best way to contact us
    Thank You


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