30 years - 30 dollars

By Samsara - Friday, June 03, 2011

Samsara is the cycle of life.
"As one world falls apart, you create another one and go there. "- Drigo

Samsara has been reconstructing licensed Bob Marley items for the past 10years. Last month marked the 30th year of Bob Marley's unexpected death. Since we did not have a fitting event in the month of May to retire our Marley Reconstructed Line. We have decided to move that date to the Summer Solstice which falls on Father's Day Weekend. The event will take place in the month of June at the Sierra Nevada World Music Fest. Because we are discontinuing these wonderful and extremely limited designs in such an honorable way, we have decided to do something special for our fans and extended Samsara Family.
We will retire the Marley Collection with a "30 year - $30 sale" while the supplies last.
Understanding that everyone will not be able to make this event we have made it simple and fun for you as well. Buy your "30year - $30" Marley Item on our Samsara Etsy page.
You won't have as many choices as if you come to norcal but hey, we never have sales..

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