Yes. Samsara can Crochet, but this is Tatting Technique.

By Samsara - Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yes. cre-8-tive individuals we are.
Yes. artists with a go getter attitude and grind mentality.
Yes. it bad a road and bad a sea.
Yes. faith, determination, focus, and love will see you to the promise land.
what was I talking about?
Ohh yes.
Samsara Boutique is clearly original and very unique.
Yes. Reconstruction is what got the young Gong along with all his fans enthusiastic about what we will do next.
Yes. African Street Couture did make Korto's jaw drop.
Yes. we do customize everything from your baseball hat to sunglasses.
Yes. we also do crochet as a matter of fact take a look.
Yes. It is quite vintage looking
Yes. It may have been something that your granny wore.
Yes. it may even have an Old English feel and some may even go as far as saying its Guady?
So I pose these questions?
Is fashion not art, and if so is art not fashion? Is style not meant to be original and if so then is this not an original piece?
Is this new trends not focused primarily on vintage taste, and is that vintage taste not remade into cheap materials with stretch and all the other crap the masses enjoy.
Yes. This is a Samsara Piece and we stand proud to always be original.

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