ECO Fashion Trend

By Samsara - Thursday, January 20, 2011

hey, i'm ECO FRIENDLY?
hey, we Revamp and Recycle Clothing?
no that's not plastic its VEGAN LEATHER?
my new line is made of leaves?
i am much more ORGANIC then you are?
wait ,,
we are using BAMBOO and this fabric is the most Eco-Friendly fabric on the planet, ONLY THING IS manufacturing of bamboo into fabric raises environmental and health concerns because of the strong chemical solvents used to cook the bamboo plant into a viscose solution that is then reconstructed into cellulose fiber for weaving into yarn for fabric?
This is Organic Denim only the wash, treatment, and dyes are toxic?
yeah just as fair as the container that Muhammad never paid his village for.
you silly peasants are all the same and many consumers are just that, uneducated and ignorant.
after the trend has went onto something else we will still be standing firm.
For Samsara was and will never submit to organized mass production of the Eco Trend.
We live and believe in what we ARE!


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