Rope Chain Reaction

By Samsara - Monday, December 20, 2010

This afternoon I was browsing around one of the blogs I read from time to time.

Assa Cisse has a love for African fashion and is doing her part in promoting it with her blog. Today I saw a new Post for Angola Fashion Week, so being me I clicked on it. After viewing the pics and reading the article I decided to go to the website of the designer who's work I was viewing.
Lalesso was the name of the brand and I mention them just as a point of reference.
Some people use other people as a muse or reference for designing. Some ppl create ideas and

concepts out of silence. Some ideas, especially ideas made out of recycling or being conservative and eco friendly, can often be created by people that have no idea of each others existence.

When I thought of the concept of making these rope chains and bracelets it was actually a part of a bigger project that tied into the colonialism of textile. The ropes was my concept of how Africa is still under colonial control with majority of sought out and branded fabrics being manufactured in Europe.
Is was with great surprise to see the rope chain on the Angola Fashion Week,World Cup Opening Ceremony and also crochet style.
Is the Rope having a comeback?

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