Mixed Fibres and Love!!

By Samsara - Sunday, December 12, 2010

While many profit driven companies are trying to find ways of cutting cost to maximize profits.
In the long run they are giving you the consumer an inferior product.
We at Samsara Boutique pride ourselves in providing the best quality Fabrics and Tailoring.
The cycle of Samsara is evident in our concept, philosophy, and design.
One law of Samsara holds that everything is in a
Birth and Rebirth cycle.
Our concepts therefore are continuously giving birth to new concepts that take these concepts through a rebrith cycle that happens over again.
Cre-8 , Origin-8 , Elev-8 ©
Our brand therefore can never exists with a simple profit driven material concept.
It is against the laws of the universe!
Samsara is here to fill a void of not only Eco-Friendly clothing and accessories but,
also a Ethical and Moral obligation of giving you the consumer the best
quality product from us to you .
Made with Love.

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