Blogging on the edge

By Samsara - Monday, November 15, 2010

Online late one night-I guess, I was late on this one.
Living now in the twilight zone, somewhere b/w Saturn and Jupiter
on the right of the infamous nebulous planet.
Places where artists and commercial success is a void,
a location on GPS radar as a destination of not many trendsetters,
and hence I almost became a BAMMA ...

HELL NAH!!!!!!
Not I- said the fashion forward,humbly stunting on the sly, simple yet convincing, Keyser Soze limping with my head down,
Strolling by cautiously observing the pretenders, and wanna bees.
Biters beware I'll stab you with garlic covered stakes piercing through your false sense of reality.

I'm Drigo and this is Samsara!!

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