Black History Month Celebration

By Samsara - Thursday, February 12, 2009

So today we have something special for you again, another release in celebration of Black History month. February is considered and celebrated as black history month many across the US and the territories pay tribute and show some respect to what African in the diaspora have accomplished and the journey that has been trod.

No disrespect in no way but I think that black history should be something that is celebrated on a weekly basis. I think that as people in the diaspora we can only teach the younger generation by example. So I say make an attempt to educate not only yourself and your children more about history, but set the example.

This has been another deeply rooted concept in our brand from the beginning. Our fashionable and sometime trendy designs often capture the eye of people interested in fashion. It just so happens that a conscious message is within . We have sold items to individuals who never knew who the person was but after that person wore the item they learned that it was not just a fashionable item they purchased. It brings about a sense of pride to those that did not know and to those that do know.

Samsara for those of you that do not know means the cycle of life towards enlightenment. In this scenario we took Africans in the Diaspora and reconstructed tee shirts into dresses, tunics etc. The goal is the bring the items closer to enlightenment through the process of Samsara.

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