Commemorative Bob Marley Mania

By Samsara - Wednesday, January 28, 2009


-this has been our motto for the longest while and we try our hardest to portray this in our everyday work.. Why do I say all this hmmmm. Well lets just say we have a surprise for next week..
So we are going to have another release.
 This small collection is dedicated to the legacy of " Bob Marley"aka Gong , Duppy Conquerer, Small Axe, Mr. Marley, Natty, Binghi and I am sure he has many more. Voted by Time magazine of making the album of the century "EXODUS"

Marley made it seem so simple to make songs concerning complex concepts such as Politics, Garveyism, Racism,Sex, and Spirituality. His unorthodox ways and mystical message of One Love and his journey of Rastafari has been not only admired and respected across nations but has continued to have effects on not only the youth of today but the elders as well.

So yes the release is set for next week and you can email us for info on how to purchase.

Like to know little about the destroyed line?
Well first we will begin with using license Marley tees then take them to level 1 destruction phase, maybe some added textures, dying techniques, of course hand sewing techniques and finished off with some professional sewing.


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