By Samsara - Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reconstruct "The Notorious BIG Project" is SOLD OUT!!!!!

We would like to thank each and everyone that bought this collectors item. As of today most of them are shipped already and we will be contacting everyone else within the next few days. As you all know the movie is set to release this week. I myself can't wait anymore I am so ready. Biggie gives me that good ole hood NY feeling, yet I can listen to BIG on some club type gun finger salute shit...
So I decided in Biggie's honor I am about to pull out my fronts from high school, pop in my ready to die on my I-pod and throw on a grey hoddie and Timbs. Stuff chinnese food in my bag pack, with nowahlaterz, and and a 20oz of cola and sneak into the movies.....lol...
"Spreading Love the Brooklyn Way" ..................damm almost forgot my philly

Written by Drigzzz!!!One Love

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