Reconstruct "The Notorious BIG Project"

By Samsara - Monday, January 12, 2009

Alright we just got back from NYC, it has changed so much since my last visit. Got to see some old friends and spend some time with family.

Biggest thing I did was I managed to meet an elder rasta from Guyana that is willing to teach me the art of shoe making after I drilled him for about an hour on passing the traditions down to younger brethren is vital he was willing to pass on the tradition. So once I perfect this ancient art, you will have something else to look forward to and I mean dope like futuristic Wallies and shittttt.
All in all the trip was refreshing and relaxing. I do have to say that I was not impressed with the stores that so many ppl talk and every "HYPEyyyy" talks about. oppps
hypeyyyy def: individuals that only want something cause they think other ppl like it....

Everything is looking the same and very boring but maybe that is what ppl like... Well not my customer base, because you crave not only individuality but unique essence of style.. And for you I came back with my 09 gifts of commemorative Notorious BIG pieces.

I have 25 very limited Biggie men t-shirts, I have been up all night making them into the doopest pieces and got none other than C to model Easy to get her to wear anything with Biggie on it.. So I am sure these are going to fly really fast so grab yours up.

Email us for price and shipping details.
This is Drigz signing out PEACE..

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