Fashion Reality Check

By Samsara - Thursday, April 19, 2012

I will admit, once in the proverbial blue moon I have been swooned by the allure of affordable luxury brands and the fashion trends of pop culture.  Addiction, I don't know—but however frequent my submission to the temptations of mass marketing ploys, more often than not, I am able to resist.  I take a ride on my high horse with no apologies down One-of-a-kind Boulevard.  I support small business and individual, independent, artists.   Call me a fashion snob if you will—it's better than wearing toxic textiles from China!
The textile industry in China alone accounts for more than one half of the global market's share. Fashion houses that once employed the finest craftsmen and women now have given way quality to quantity; and unfortunately our global environment is paying the price.  If these same luxury brand owners investigated their supply chains, they would find out that they could make greener purchases, thereby becoming environmentally responsible and sustainable entities.  Instead, in order to make a few more dollars, their lazy irresponsibility leaves our rivers, lakes, trees and crops up for sacrifice.
One cannot compartmentalize eco-systems, so yes; we are affected here in this country.  Garment production is now the 3rd largest polluter in China with 6,000 environmental violations by Chinese textile enterprises.  Offenses like the secret and direct discharging of waste water, improper use of waste water treatment facilities and exorbitant amounts of other pollutants that soar way above authorized standards are woven into the very fibers of the garments we wear so proudly on our backs.  So, I say to you: read the label in your garment today.  Ask yourself: How clean are my clothes?  Do you want to make a change? 

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