Excerpts taken from a convo with a Living Legend.

By Samsara - Wednesday, October 19, 2011

 Recently Drigo from Samsara had an opportunity to reason with the Legendary Bull Wackies.  Seeming strong as ever Mr. Wackies seemed delighted that I was quite knowledgeable on his music and his outstanding career  over the years. Wackies begun his career under the guidance of Prince Buster and Duke Reid, he is also noted for opening one of the first reggae studio and label in the U.S.

During our convo I recall him referring to a song by Lincoln Sugar Bogga Minott called "Sometime Girl" which was released on 12"under wackies label.. One of the bands that came to my mind was Itopia who I am now patiently awaiting for some classics track. Indeed it was a pleasure to link with one of the legends in this business and please don't be surprised to see what we colab on in the future..

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