By Samsara - Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you have not heard of Hideaki Akaiwa by now it is about time for you to google him. One of the many Japanese men of honor and respect. I was listening to talk radio about three days ago and automatically he brought a smile to my face with his actions. Briefly speaking Hideaki was at work when the earthquake and tsunami hit his home town. Now in crisis situations there are 3 types of men those that spring into action, those that stand by the side, or worst of all those that just stand and talk. Hideaki commandeered a wetsuit w/ scuba gear, found his house in dark murky water with everything including glass, cars and trees, found and broke into his house,swam to the upper level where he found his wife of 20years and brought her to safety. He then searched all the rescue places for his mom and when he could not find her after 2 days he went back under and found her trapped in a house and brought her to safety. When asked about the situation he simply replied
"my wife means alot to me" ,"no further questions".

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