Everything is Everything

By Samsara - Monday, March 21, 2011

What is meant to be will be.

After winter,
must come spring,
change it comes eventually.

The Internet has been a buzz in recent months about Ms Lauryn Hill. "She looks a mess", "What the hell is she wearing", "What is up with the heavy make up", and What is the deal with this wig."
All these things can be said about anyone even you. She might be portraying a mirrors image for the women in society who feel they need these things to be beautiful.We as humans are evolving and should be allowed to experiment.
So many people consider themselves fans but do not want to allow the true artists to grow. Your love for Lauryn's past music must also be held responsible for stifling her growth as an artist. My suggestions is - when going to see an artists perform that you really love and miss, do try to remember that it is a performance, and not a "CD SING-A-LONG"
I saw first hand with my own eyes and ears, Ms. Lauryn Hill perform at the Jazz in the Gardens in Miami, fl. What was to complain about in Miami was the band and the poor engineering, but the avg patron does not understand these things Lauryn just sounds bad to them. She sounds great to me her voice was strong. The rearranging of her songs were refreshing and the songs she covered were reinvented.
Now style wise she was fly, could have used a lil Samsara up in there but def the biltmore ballroom 80's type frock teamed with red tailored jkt with NY fitted was dope and she owned it.
"just cause you cant pull it off, don't hate Lauryn damm sure rock'd it"

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