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By Samsara - Tuesday, March 01, 2011

As a youth one of the fashionable articles of clothing was a gun dung pants. This is when the leg is tapered to fit and the bottom of the jeans is smaller giving a snug fit to showcase your shoes.
This was made popular by the punk rock/Dub-ska heads of the 70s. They coined it pipers and in the mid 80's was a statement worn with Bally shoes or Travelfox by the 80s generation.
Because I came from a family that not only respected craftsmanship, we also knew and supported many as well. Samiel's mom was a seamstress and she taught Samiel how to turn ordinary Levi's into works of art. I remember having 2-tone, 3-tone and even 5tone Levis with the gun dung at the bottom. I think I was in maybe 5thgrade at the time and Samiel was in 8th or 9th when we began to experiment with the machine. At that time, I did not realize it but I had only wanted to learn how to sew so that I would not only have a detailed pair of jeans, but because I wanted something original and handcrafted.
This is what Samsara is and what we have been doing for all our customers over the years, we thank you for your commitment to buy from us, the actual people making each piece giving you the love and respect each article deserves.

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