White tees, Earrings, and Samsara Boutique o my

By Samsara - Monday, January 10, 2011

Ok girls the white tee has resurfaced, but don't be afraid it is not a 6X tee on a local rap star. It is a fresh white form fitting tee for us girls to dress up as we like. Pair your white tee with colorful skirts, shorts, pants and even sleeveless dresses to give it a fresh look.

The best kept secret that everyone knows is a great pair of earrings will make or break an outfit. I say the bigger the better and there is no need to be matchy, matchy either.

Check out the earrings we have available on Etsy.

Stay tuned for the new collection of great separates to wear with your white tees and incredible hand created earrings. PEACE

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