To Miss is to Diss BUJU BANTON and FRIENDS

By Samsara - Friday, December 10, 2010

" "I wanna be loved".
cause "Circumstances" has made me who I am.
"African Pride", "Champion" ,who rules his "Destiny".
Its "Not and easy road" for a "Bad Bwoy" but,
"Negus Negast", "Give I strength".
Can't hear my "Mother Cry"
On a "Rampage", refuse to be the "Only Man",
a "Murderer" has "No Respect"
these are just "Untold Stories" of "Wicked Acts" and "Tribal War"
tired of "Sleepless Nights" "Redder than Red" at the "Immigration Law"
"Boom Bye Bye" cause "How the World a Run"
Seems like "Operation Ardent" is in full effect with "No Respect",
dem need fe stop and check, when dem a sleep we a patrol.
But if "Loving was a Crime" and "If Jah was like man"
"Hills and Valleys" would also have an "Optimistic Soul"
Is this the turn of a "Rasta Revolution" can someone "Lend a Hand" and please "Make my Day"
"Life" is full of "Complaint" but I am truly "Innocent"
"Deportees" no call me name, no spread no rumor I'm a "Vigilante".
"Dem sell Out" thought dem woulda tuffa then that "Informer"
All he wants is "Justice" unno "Quick" just "A little more time"
"Till i'm laid to rest" I will forever be a "Top a Top"
"Love in the City" of Miami with Buju Banton and Friends." - © 2010 Drigo Samsara
for Samsara Boutique™

Performing for 1 night only on January the 16th in Miami Florida

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