Kids Making Moves

By Samsara - Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Not really a blog follower myself.
I actually like to to get lost online and find things on my own.
I recently stumbled up on a blog and these kids are dope had to make mention to them and what they do.
So what really brought me to liking these kids was there personal style and unique way of how they blend the prep and street.
This was how we use to dress cause we went to private school but was not stuck up kids so I can totally relate to this style. Funny how whats old comes back again and with a bang. I also like how these kids know what an actual prockpie hat is and who porkpie was, then they used some African fabric on the hat...NICE TOUCH!... Must be of some Caribbean heritage or got a Guyanese friend some where. Yo big ups to what you do and keep it original always

"Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are the owners of the style blog Street Etiquette which is making ample waves from the city of New York to the world. With the explosion of menswear what they do is provide the vision from a urban perspective and look to connect with individuals worldwide. Expressing their influences from various boundaries and eras ultimately constitute to their personal style. Appearances in magazines from GQ to Complex the 20 year old duo from the Bronx are excited with their current position and looking ahead to the future. Ranked ‘Best Men’s Style Blog’ by the Guardian UK and selected ’40 bloggers who really count’ by the London Times have been some of the accolades this 2 year old blog has achieved."
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