By Samsara - Friday, July 09, 2010

Yeah well we been from east coast to west coast spreading love the Samsara Way from Houston to New Orleans to Bk, from Bonnaroo in Tenn to Sierra Nevada in Mendo. Many Highs not much lows and the chance to see and meet the people that love what we do. Its not many actual artists/designers can say they get to do what they want so we give thanks. Things that we get from travelling so many to list, first I would say I get to see the demographic of the different product lines and we get to build with that clientele directly, ultimate market research , constructive criticism is the best because the people you meet are so damn honest. You cant help but to respect and listen so thank you to my reader who may have been someone that was real and told me what was nothing but truth about the product. Then the people that come back the following year with an item from previous years I LOVE YOU SO. They always have the biggest smile and the positive words of encouragement along with a story that would make anyone purchase a piece. And then the people that was a skeptics the first year and could not decide if this was really worth it cause its being sold at a festival s they decided not to purchase but are always the first to purchase the following year cause they realize that they missed an opportunity..lol I love you guys.....Seriously. Then to my tee shirt suppliers I love to see you guys to cause you are always salivating and puzzled that we really reconstructed your stuff....lol...... Love it...............Never Stop....... Hail to those times and moments and enjoy the pics I have attached.

Houston, Tx

New Orleans, La

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