Hat Update

By Samsara - Thursday, April 01, 2010

It feels so good to find out something we made in past was actually
inspired by an ancestor. When I made my hats a few seasons ago I had
know idea it was an unconscious inspiration. Apparently my friend
another artists brought this to my attention and I love her for it.
What made it so special is that its almost the same e...xact pattern. The
only difference is I used fabric and they used beading techniques. They
even have the button snaps just like the ones I made. It is truly a
blessing to see the beauty of this

I was under the impression that this pattern was a European pattern I
was giving an African Street Couture look, little did I know this has
always been an African Design for the Mfengu Boys Cap - Fingo Hat enjoy the pics and enjoy the inspiration
I have made from the ancestors. Bless Mama Africa

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